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Manure Forks

You deserve a better manure fork!

You buy the best for your horse, treat yourself to a tool that rewards you every time you use it. You'll appreciate a manure fork that holds up in cold weather or won't snap a tine on a stall mat crack. Auto-sifting Shake'n Forks® and manual Flex'n Forks® offer unprecedented manure fork toughness.

A clean horse stall demands the bedding shavings to be sifted daily. With the best equipment stable care can become a manageable chore. For less than the cost of a shoeing, you can treat yourself to the muck fork that will make the job of cleaning easier and more enjoyable. Horse owners flat out love our forks and we guarantee them to last. Save time and money while providing a cleaner, healthier environment for your horse. For more information on horse care.


Auto-sifting Shake’n Forks® & Manual Flex’n Forks®

Clean stable stalls require the clean bedding shavings, and while our Auto-sifting Shake’n Forks® and Manual Flex’n Forks® might look and feel like other manure forks, they offer much more than any other budget forks currently on the market. Made from the toughest materials available and equipped with a comfortable, user-friendly grip, our forks can stand up to heat, cold, and tough messes. Our forks are available with a variety of features for added customization and efficiency—including 5/16” Mini-tine or 5/8” Standard tine spacing,

Save yourself time, money, and energy by purchasing a manure fork that gets the job done right the first time, every time. Our products are guaranteed to handle jobs that other forks can’t, without snagging, breaking, or bending to slow you down.

We guarantee all of our products to last, day after day, job after job. Browse our inventory to find and order a stall fork to suit your needs.

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