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Manure Forks Horse Stable Tool

Premium Quality Shake'n Forks®, Motorized and Manual Manure Fork Versions


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Shake'n Fork® exclusive features
  • Standard or Mini-Tine® Basket
  • Auto Sifting or Manual
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Ultra-Strong tines resist snapping
  • Designed for cold weather 

Tired of forks that keep breaking tines?  New technology makes that a thing of the past.

Equi-Tee Shake'n Forks™ and Flex'n Forks offer the durability that you thought was no longer available.  End the cycle of buying the same budget manure fork and having it break again and again.  Besides toughness, our forks simply work better.  Users just flat out love this fork...  We guarantee it.  Work smarter and make the chore of cleaning your horse stalls easier all while providing a cleaner, healthier environment for your horse.  
Equi-Tee Shake'n Forks and Flex'n Forks set themselves apart from the competition with their ultra-tough, distinctive yellow tines backed up by the an unprecedented 13 month warranty against tine breakage on all models.  By using only the highest quality materials and carefully inspecting each fork before it is shipped, you can be assured that each fork is built to last.


"Not one of our 10 manual Shake'n Forks has brokn in over three months of heavy usage, wheras our old forks were breaking all the time, especially in cold weather."  Laura W.- Walk'n Circles Ranch 

The powered Shake'n Fork looks and feels similar to a conventional fork. The operator holds the fork handle normally and then by depressing a variable speed trigger switch, moves the electrically powered basket.  Only the tines “shake” and though they agitate 10 times faster than by hand, there is no vibration into the hand pole, making the operation smooth and effortless for the user.
 "I wanted to write you yesterday.... you are a genius!!! The fork is incredible, much better than my expectations. Thank you.."  Betta C.
This unique stall bedding cleaning "magic" is accomplished by a tiny integral reciprocating motor running on lithium-Ion batteries.  Shake'n Forks power clean through dozens of stalls before needing a recharge.  This patented Power-Sifting technology separates the manure from the clean stall bedding as quickly as you can fill the basket.
"If I didn't have a Shake'n Fork I would never clean another stall.  I'd put my horses out to pasture before I'd manually sift dirty shavings again."  Debbie D.
The user friendly Flex'n Fork is specially designed for those who prefer manually sifting, or to clean areas where there is no bedding to sift, such as dry lots or paddocs.  It is constructed with the same ultra-tough tines as the Shake'n Fork, virtually assuring that they will wear out before they break.  Incorporating a patented "Flex" feature, user back strain is greatly reduced.  This flexible design, combined with a comfortable hand grip, and unusually light weight makes this an exceptionally easy shavings fork to use.

"It's amazing how long this fork has lasted, in two years I still haven't broken a tine and I am really tough on forks."   Linda M.- Rescue Ranch

Equi-Tee forks are available with a full-size basket in Standard-Tine spacing or 5/16 Mini-Tine spacing, which is perfect for animals with smaller droppings or for use with pellets, sawdust, cob or rice hull bedding.  Equi-Tee forks are shaped higher on the sides to keep manure from falling off the edges.  They hold more than competitors forks so you have fewer trips to the cart. 

Careful attention to balance, and designed for long product life makes the Equi-Tee bedding fork outperform any other!

Upgrade to a 3800MaH pack and get 100% more cleaning time for only $19.00 more.
Upgraded to lighter weight with a Carbon Fiber hand pole and save 1/2 pound for an additional $105.00.
Shake'n Rakes with a screened basket for golf courses and for cleaning and sifting beach sand are a very heavy duty version with all upgrades for an additional $100.00
 "At first I thought that these forks were some kind of a gag, or just for people with arthritis or back problems.  But now that I have used mine for a while I realize it really is an amazing tool, even for healthy people like myself. " Donna B.



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